Social events

Welcome reception

CIMA XVIII welcome reception will be held as a lovely national evening on 10 May and takes place in Estonian Agricultural Museum. The event takes place from 18.00 to 21.00. We shall open our new exhibition the same evening, so the two events will be organised in consort. Traditional Estonian food, good local beer and joyful folk music should bring our congress to a great start!


Musical entertainment comes from young Estonian folk-band Lõõtsavägilased.


Boat ride on barge Jõmmu and cafe night at Inland Waters Embassy on river Emajõgi

A boat ride along the river Emajõgi takes place in the evening of 11 May.

The Emajõe-Peipsi barge is a unique wooden trading vessel. In Estonia, Peipsi barges sailed the inland waters for more than 600 years – from the 14th until the middle of the 20th century – thus contributing greatly to the prosperity of several Estonian towns, especially Tartu. Jõmmu, a unique copy of Emajõe-Peipsi barge was set afloat in 2006.


The unusually round and flat-bottomed hull of the barge made it perfect for navigation in the shallow waters of the Emajõgi River and Lake Peipsi and land in the rather challenging port locations characteristic of the region.

Peipsi barges were usually 12-25 metres in length, but occasionally giants up to 35 metres were built. The cargo space of a Peipsi barge was quite large and the crew very small. Most of the time there were just three people quartered in the stern and forecastle.

Inland Waters Embassy (Sisevete Saatkond), known as a unique event location, is a cultural centre floating on the River Emajõgi that hosts beloved performers and a great number of guests in a cosy atmosphere. 


Conference dinner at restaurant Atlantis

We will spend the evening on 12 May in restaurant Atlantis with great food and a beautiful view on river Emajõgi and Tartu.

This restaurant has been in the heart of Tartu for nearly half a century and is also a home to Estonia's first night club. A regularly updated interior keeps the place modern and welcoming even now.

Dinner starts at 20.30, dress code smart-casual.